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I69: Much Is Lost - Much To Save

Location of Photos:
800S in Greene County at 700E Daviess County.
Bridge for 700E over I-69 is contract
IB-32995, project 0901971 (1 of 3 bridges)


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The following Guest Editorial by Thomas Tokarski was published by the Herald-Times, August 13th:
I-69 Construction --What's Gone Wrong? And Why?
CARR commends Monroe County Commissioners
The role of the media should be to challenge the powerful and speak in defense of the powerless. In its recent editorials on the county noise ordinance, the HT editors have done just the opposite. They support a powerful state agency while the victims of INDOT’s indifference to citizens’ health and safety are ignored. Read more...

Complaint filed by CARR with IDEM, USEPA, USCoE, INDOT, USFWS November 4, 2013
To All Concerned:
PLEASE CONSIDER THIS TO BE A FORMAL COMPLAINT concerning a lack of erosion control and subsequent sedimentation and pollution of streams and springs in Monroe and Greene Counties. This continuing problem is a result of runoff from the I-69 ROW that is under construction. I have filed complaints of a similar nature to this one 10 other times since March of this year and the situation here continues to deteriorate.

On October 30 and 31 we recorded a total of 1.75 inches of rain in our rain gauge in Indian Creek Township of Monroe County. This was not a "catastrophic" rain event and none of the problems I have reported in the past were due to a "catastrophic” rainfall.

On the afternoon and early evening of the 31st I visited several sites near the I-69 ROW that is now under construction. I visited these same sites the following morning, Nov. 1st.

Following are my observations. Included are photos of some of the problem sites. I have many more photos and videos that document this persistent and serious problem. Samples of polluted stream water were taken at various sites for further analysis. Read more...

Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC)

CARR vs. LaHood

Plaintiff's Memorandum in Support of Motion for Preliminary Injuction

Indiana Transportation Funding Dedicated to I-69
July 2012 -- By the Hoosier Environmental Council
Read the Report

The Alarming Rise of Indiana Transportation Funding Dedicated to I-69

Video of - I-69 Damage in Daviess County

Editorials & Highway Studies:
I-69 Construction on YouTube

The State has Begun Taking Homes for Right-of-Way...

Corridors of the Future Program (CFP).


The Tier 2 Draft Environmental Impact Statement

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"Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads, Inc (CARR) is a grassroots organization dedicated to educating Hoosiers about the benefits of financially responsible and environmentally sound transportation policies. CARR is committed to the principle that sensible policies, targeted toward reinvestment in existing infrastructure, will satisfy Hoosier transportation needs while preserving the integrity of Indiana's farmlands, natural resources, and rural communities."

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